Looking for the perfect host gift? 
Saturday, December 7, 2013 at 11:12AM
Sharon Booy

Bring that special someone hosting your holiday gatherings something they can use to perk up their holiday feast! I've been busy making preserves through the harvest season (blackberry jelly, sour cherry jam, damson plum jam) to catch what was local and fresh. I also have some interesting jars just for the holidays. The ingredients are not all local in the holiday preserves (such as figs and meyer lemons), but they capture the season nicely in a jar and pair wonderfully with that local cheese you discovered, a local naturally raised roast turkey or ham for the holiday dinner, or a treat on your morning toast.

Come by Camp Restaurant (#244 Jane Street, Toronto, ON)  today from 4-8pm and try my preserves - you will also meet a few other local crafters selling their wares. Get some holiday shopping done and maybe pick up a little treat for yourself.

I can take holiday orders for some of my preserves such as cranberries in honey and wine, meyer lemon preserves (meyer lemon jelly, meyer lemon simple syrup for your cocktails, or meyer lemons in honey and wine), fig and walnut compote with star anise, fig compote with vanilla and cardamom, blackberry & wine jelly etc. Contact me through my contact page or email me at sharon@sharondishes.com for more details.

Happy Holidays!!


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